UV Fused Silica

These optical component are precision manufactured using UV-grade synthetic fused silica. In addition to superior transmission characteristics, synthetic fused silica exhibits higher thermal properties, exceptional purity, and excellent environmental durability for demanding applications.

Windows are designed for use in optical systems to separate two environments while passing a particular spectral range between them. Applications include laser set-ups, emitter/detector protection devices, and imaging systems involving ultraviolet wavelengths.


Transmission Range 0.18µm to 2.5µm
Density 2.202 g/cm3
Thermal Expansion 5.5 x 10-7 /°C @ 20°C to 320°C
Surface Quality Fused Silica polishes extremely well & polishes of 10-5, or 20-10 scratch-dig are achieved at extra costs respectively, mainly for UV & visible applications.
Surface Accruacy Surface figure of 1/10 wave to 1/4 wave @ 0.6328 µm are specified mostly on lenses for ultraviolet & visible use.
AR Coating Options Typical available infrared coatings are a BBAR from 0.8- 2.5µm & an AR coating for 1.064µm wavelength.
Typical Applications Thermal imaging, Astronomical, Microlithography, Excimer laser applications, Nd:YAG laser applications.
Wavelength (µm) Index of Refraction (n)
2 1.438


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