Brewster Windows

Brewster Windows are uncoated substrates which are used as polarizers, typically within a laser cavity. Positioned at Brewster's Angle (see calculation below) the P-Polarization portion of the light will pass through the window with no losses while the S Polarization portion will be reflected off the brewster window. Used in a laser cavity the brewster window is essentially a polarizer.

These Brewster windows are manufactured from UV fused silica, which exhibits virtually no laser-induced fluorescence (as measured at 193 nm), making it an ideal choice for applications from the UV to the near IR. For a plot of UV fused silica transmission, please see the Graph tab above.

Brewster's Angle is calculated from: B = tan-1(n), where B is Brewster's Angle and n is the index of refraction of the material.

Material Fused Silica.
Dimension Tolerance +/-0.1mm
Surface Quality 20-10 scratch and dig
Surface Accuracy λ/4 @633nm
Bevel 0.1 X 45 degree
Wedge Brewster≤ 10 seconds, Elliptical ≤ 3 minutes


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