We provide optical coating service such as high reflective coatings, partial reflective coatings, polarized coatings, anti-reflective coatings and metallic coatings.




Single Layer MgF2 Antireflective Coatings (SAR)

Magnesium fluoride (MgF2) is an excellent coating material in UV wavelength, and the most widely used thin film material for optical coatings for its wide transmission range. Its performance is not outstanding but represents significant improvement compared to an uncoated surface.

Multi-layer Antireflective Coatings (VAR)

·The lowest reflectivity at a center wavelength

·Center wavelength range from 250nm to 2200nm.

·Applied to single laser wavelength or multiple, close-spaced wavelength system

·Can be deposited to all of our substrates

Multilayer Broadband Antireflective Coatings (WAR)

Different from single layer MgF2 broadband antireflective coating, the multilayer Broadband antireflective coating can reach higher transmission for broadband wavelength. Therefore, it is the ideal for a wide range of multi-wavelength laser and white light application. Please notice that the wavelength range and reflectivity of the coating is obviously changed according to the incident angle.

Dual Wavelength Band Antireflective Coatings (DAR)

This coating allows two center wavelengths radiation pass through the substrate with high transmission. This coating is often used in frequency doubling systems or the other multi-laser output systems, as the Nd:YVO4 laser (1064nm) and its second harmonic generation (532nm) green laser.

Partial Reflective Coating (PR)

When a narrow wavelength light is incident on this interface, part of the light is reflected and part is transmitted. Such coating always shows a high reflective for S-polarization radiation and high transmission for P-polarization radiation. The main application of this coating is for beamsplitter. Also it is widely used in inspection system, so that we can get a part radiation for measure as a datum light.

Dielectric High Reflective Coating (DHR)

It is well known that dielectric coating can produce very high reflection (more than 99.8% at design wavelength). They are generally used in a single wavelength laser cavity where the lowest cavity loss at a center wavelength is essential. XinHeng can provide such coating with center wavelength from 350nm to 2000nm according to customer’s requirement. When selecting a suitable dielectric high reflection coating, the damage threshold requirement must be considered.

Metallic High Reflective Coating (MHR)

Elite Optics provides metallic high reflective coating, which is made from Au, Ag, Al. These coatings are applied where a consistent high reflection over a wide spectral range is necessary. Their reflectivity is not higher than dielectrics high reflection coating, but their spectrum can cover the near UV, visible and near-IR. In order to prevent these metallic coatings from oxidization, these coatings have dielectric overcoat.

Diode Laser Pumped Coating(DPO)

Elite Optics provides this coating for diode laser pumped solid state laser, such as Nd:YAG, Nd:YVO4 laser, and its frequency doubling crystals as KTP, BBO, waveplates, and other glass mirrors.


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