Dove Prisms

Dove Prism has two applications. The main application is used as a rotator. It can rotate an image but without deviating the beam. And when the prism is rotated about the input parallel ray through some angle, the image rotaes through twice that angle. It is very important that the application must be used with parallel or collimated beam and the large square reflective surface should be kept very clean. Another application is used as a retroreflector.

Material Optical glass, Fused Silica
Dimension Tolerance +/-0.05mm
Angle Tolerance 30 arc second
Clear Aperture >95%
Surface Figure 1/4 wave @632.8nm
Surface Quality 10-5 scratch and dig
Bevel 0.1mmX45 degree
Coating None, AR, AL...


A(mm) B(mm) H(mm) Item Number
21.10 5.00 5.00 EDP-001
42.30 10.00 10.00 EDP-002
63.40 15.00 15.00 EDP-003
76.10 18.00 18.00 EDP-004
80.00 20.00 20.00 EDP-005
105.68 25.00 25.00 EDP-006

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