• Plano - Convex Lenses (PCX Lenses)

    Positive focal length. Most suitable for use with near collimated light. Available in a wide variety of diameters and focal lengths.

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  • Double Convex Lenses (DCX Lenses)

    Most suitable where the conjugates are on opposite sides of the lenses and the ratio of diameter to distances is less than 1:5.

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  • Plano - Concave Lenses (PCV Lenses)

    Plano-Concave (PCV) lenses have one flat and one inward curved surface. PCV lenses have a negative focal length and are used for image reduction or spread light.

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  • Double Concave Lenses ( DCV Lenses)

    Negative lens with the form most suited to producing diverging light or a virtual image.

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  • Meniscus Lenses

    These lenses may be used to increase the numerical aperture of a positive lens assembly, without an undue increase in the aberrations.

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  • Achromat Lenses

    These lenses are considerably reduced values of spherical aberration, coma and chromatic aberration. Best used to replace single components where performance must be improved.

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  • Triplet Achromatic Lenses

    Triplets specifically designed for 1:1 conjugate ratios are ideal for use in relay systems. By the principle of symmetry aberrations are corrected automatically. They are made from a low index center element cemented between two identical high index outer elements. In addition, outer surfaces of the lens are coated with anti-reflection layers to increase transmittance of the lens according to the wave length of light under which the lens to to be used.

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  • Ball Lenses

    Ball lenses in various sizes made of optical glass are produced to provide a high coupling efficiency when used with fiber optics. They are simple to use as they can be put in contact with the end of the fiber.

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