Mirrors can be devided into two kinds: Dielectric HR Coating and metal HR Coating .

A character of the HR coating-mirrors is that the reflectivity is very high in a special wave band . The dielectric HR coating is made with lots of layers whose material is insulating medium .The polorization of this kind of mirror can be very small and the reflectivity can be very high . The metal HR coating is made with metal such gold or silver or Aluminum . The surface of this kind of mirror coated with metal takes on a special color.

Our Product include: Optical flat mirrors, Metal mirrors, Right angle mirrors, Spherical mirrors, Parabolic mirrors and Dielectric mirrors.

Material Optical glass, ,gold-plated silicon,Moly
Dimension Tolerance +/-0.1mm
Centration 3 arc minutes
Clear Aperture >95%
Surface Accuracy 1/4 wave @632.8nm
Surface Quality S1:20-10,S2:Fine Ground
Bevel 0.1mmX45 degree
Coating AL+protective film

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