Rod Lenses

Rod lenses for use in a variety of laser and imaging systems, these components are available in a range of micro sizes for integration into a host of OEM applications. Custom sizes, variations in polishing/ groung surfaces and additional coatings are available upon request.

Rod Lenses are polished on the circumference and ground on both ends. Optical performance is similar to a cylinder lens. Collimated light passing through the diameter of the rod lens will be focused into a line. N-BK7 and UV Fused Silica substrates are available for a variety of UV, Visible and NIR applications.

Sizes from 2mm to 10mm Diameter


Material Optical glass,
Diameter Tolerance +/-0.03mm
Surface Quality 20-10 scratch and dig
Bevel None
Coating None



Dia. (mm) Height (mm) Item Number
3.0 6.0 EROD-001
3.0 10.0 EROD-002
4.0 8.0 EROD-003
5.0 10.0 EROD-004
5.0 15.0 EROD-005
5.0 20.0 EROD-006
10.0 20.0 EROD-007

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