Right Angle Prism

Roof Prisms, also called “amici prisms” or “right angle roof prisms,” do two things: invert the image and bend the line of sight through a 90° angle. They are excellent as prism diagonals in optical systems, because they erect the inverted image. Also ideal for use in spotting scopes, and any optical instrument where it is desirable to take an inverted image from an objective, turn it right side up, and bend it through a 90° angle, to maintain the correct visual orientation.

Material Optical glass, Fused Silica
Dimension Tolerance +/-0.05mm
Angle Tolerance 30 arc second
Clear Aperture >95%
Surface Figure 1/4 wave @632.8nm
Surface Quality 10-5 scratch and dig
Bevel 0.1mmX45 degree
Coating None, AR, AL...


Size A (mm) Size B (mm) Size C (mm) Clear Aperture (mm) Item Number
9.00 12.73 12.18 8.00 ERPS-001
14.00 19.80 18.95 13.00 ERPS-002

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