Schmidt Prism


Schmidt prisms are used to invert and revert an image while deviating it through an angle of 45°. Similar in function to Amici prisms, however the 45° deviation makes Schmidt prisms especially useful in eyepiece assemblies and imaging systems requiring a path bend. The aluminized roof surfaces enhance the overall efficiency while the 5 arc second roof angle tolerance increases the prism’s resolution.

Material Optical glass
Dimension Tolerance +/-0.05mm
Angle Tolerance 30 arc second
Clear Aperture >95%
Surface Figure 1/4 wave @632.8nm
Surface Quality 10-5 scratch and dig
Bevel 0.1mmX45 degree
Coating None, AR, AL...


Size A (mm) Size B (mm) Size C (mm) Size D (mm) Size E (mm) Item Number
10.0 5.0 16.5 14.7 17.7 ESMP-001
25.0 12.5 41.3 36.7 44.4 ESMP-002

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