Wedge Prisms


Wedge prisms can be used individually to deviate a laser beam a set angle, or two wedge prisms can be used together as an anamorphic pair. A single prism's ability to deviate the angle of an incident beam is measured in Diopters with 1 diopter deviating the beam 1cm at a 1m working distance. Two wedge prisms can be used as an anamorphic pair for beam shaping (to correct the elliptical shape of diode outputs).

Material Optical glass, Fused Silica
Dimension Tolerance +/-0.05mm
Angle Tolerance 30 arc second
Clear Aperture >95%
Surface Figure 1/4 wave @632.8nm
Surface Quality 10-5 scratch and dig
Bevel 0.1mmX45 degree
Coating None, AR, AL...


Dia.(mm) Wedge Angle Wedge Angle Deviation Power (diopters) Item Number
25.0 1°56' 1.74 EWP-001
25.0 3°52' 3.49 EWP-002
25.0 7°41' 6.99 EWP-003
25.0 11°21' 10.51 EWP-004
25.0 14°51' 14.05 EWP-005
25.0 18°8' 10° 17.63 EWP-006

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